Why HMC's costs are competitive

Distributors and manufacturers are not always price competitive when it comes to handpiece repair. HMC works to extend the life of your existing handpieces instead of focusing on new handpiece sales.

Specials: Send in 2 fiberoptic repairs and get the 3rd fiberoptic repair free (excludes fiberoptic rods).

Message From the Owner

Cost Comparison

Repairs/Service Offered


Fast Service

48-hour turnaround upon receipt of your handpiece! We offer our online customers paid U.S. Postal mailing labels to make shipping your handpieces a little bit easier.

Workmanship Guaranteed

We warranty all of our parts and workmanship for 3 to 6 months!

Full Service

We repair virtually every brand of high speed, low speed, and electric handpieces, nosecones, attachments, and scalers. We also specialize in fiberoptic replacement.


We sell new and used handpieces as well as a full line of accessories including chucks, bur tools, gaskets, end cap, cap wrenches, handpiece cleaners and lubricants.